Relationship Expert Confirms The Reason Why All Men Lie

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Why do men lie? It’s not what you think

Have you experienced relationship after relationship that ended in lies and heartbreak?

If you’re like most women, you’ve had men lie to you over and over again.  There are all kinds of things that men try to keep hidden from women.

For women who’ve had heartache and relationship problems, expert Mike Fiore has developed a way to help you understand what men want you to know, but would never tell you.  This is the key that can unlock an unhappy relationship and allow you to feel fulfilled and happy with the man in your life.

According to Mike, he sent out a survey to his email list of men and women asking different questions of each gender. He was blown away by the thousands of responses he received.  Many women were frustrated because they couldn’t understand why their men lied and wanted to know more about how they felt.

Candid Survey Responses From Thousands Of Men

As he received the responses from thousands of men, he realized he had the answers women have been craving and needed to know.  He also knew that he had volatile information and that he needed to teach women how to interpret it and use it in a way that would make relationships stronger rather than tearing them apart.

It’s no secret that men and women have different approaches when it comes to emotional issues.  Women tend to feel more comfortable discussing their feelings and working through problems, while men tend to clam up when it comes to sensitive topics – even if they really want to share their feelings.

As a woman it can be very frustrating to try to please the man you’re with and ask for your own needs to be met when you don’t feel like you understand where he’s coming from.  And until now there hasn’t been much help in this area.

You may think that the man in your life doesn’t really love you, but there is powerful proof from Mike Fiore’s survey results that men even feel the need to lie with the women they love. In fact, some feel it’s necessary to lie to the woman they love most.

The Power Of Understanding A Man’s Mind

Understanding what goes on in the mind of a man can be a powerful tool to help you understand what he wants from you, why he may cheat, the truth about his sexual needs and fantasies, and help you to know how he really feels about you.

Knowing what’s going on in the mind of the man in your life will help you to understand feelings and secrets that could threaten to destroy your relationship.  Instead of frustration and fear, you’ll feel confidence and hope.

If you’ve had several failed relationships, it may not be because of anything you did or didn’t do.  It could be that you simply didn’t understand the man in your life in a way that leads to relationship success.

Never before has there been so much honesty from men regarding their relationships.  With the Secret Survey by Mike Fiore you can discover what men are really thinking and put that information to use in a positive and powerful way.


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